Deep Thai Traditional Massage

Deep Thai Traditional Massage

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You will enjoy:

  • One traditional Thai massage treatment from £50-£140
  • 1-3 hours

Exotic, unique and the ultimate subliminal body workout. Passed down through generations, traditional Thai massage is a blend of deep tissue massage, pressure points and stretching techniques. The treatment releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility, and creates wholeness of the mind, body and spirit.

4 reviews for Deep Thai Traditional Massage

  1. caroline kelbrick

    I had so many tight knots and muscles I was always uncomfortable. I had the full massage and it was amazing, each single knot was worked out with a firm sweep, my body all seemed to click a bit at a time and I felt as though I could dance out the door
    The staff are all polite and work hard to make the customer feel great.

  2. Hannah

    My mum and I came here for a massage last year. We were very happy with the results. I’d been in a bad car accident the year before and was very sensitive and sore. I felt so light and pain free when I left, it was amazing. Highly recommended.

  3. Janet & Graeme Weir

    Whether you just want to relax or you have pain in you body, these ladies will leave you feeling relaxed & revitalised.

  4. Brian

    Had my first deep tissue thai massage today by Callum. Was the best massage ive ever had. Got rid of all tension and any tightness and can imagine if visit frequently will improve flexabilty which i am looking to achieve. Really impressed and will be back

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