Wang phrom Herbal palm (Green 50g)

Wang phrom Herbal palm (Green 50g)




50g. Wangphrom Herbal Barleria lupulina herbal balm (Green variant): is for skining and scratching protection. However, this Barleria lupulina herbal balm is also popular used in spa & aromatherapy . The balm could be massaged for the local relief of pain & swelling, relieve itches, insect bites, stings strains, sprains as well as inhale for relief of dizzy and vertigo. 50g Wangphrom Herbal Zingiber balm (Yellow variant): Anti-inflammatory & analgesic preparation is designed for external application. Contain Zingiber oil for the local relief of pain swelling & inflamation associated. Direction: Massaged to affected area as need. Could be inhale for relieve dizziness. Precaution: Consult your doctor before using this product if you are pregnant. Not suitable for young children. Ingredients:Green variant: Vaselin, Paraffin, Tincture Salatepangpon, Menthol, Borneo Camphor (Borneol), Camphor Yellow variant: Zingiber oil 46 g., Vasaline 12 g., Menthol 28 g., Borneol 4 g., Paraffin 16 g., Camphor 4 g.


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